Rojas KSG Red

Today I had the pleasure of trying the Rojas KSG Red, also known as the King of the Small Gauge. As a fan of Lanceros, I was initially surprised to see that this cigar was slightly bigger in gauge than what I was used to, but I was eager to give it a try nonetheless. […]

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Socrates 458

Back to back with the short and stout; 4 x 60 Ciclope last week and now the Socrates 4 x 58. Both these cigars are made by Curivari and I have to say they look nearly identical, but this one has a Mexican San Andrés maduro wrapper. Once lit you’ll be inundated with thick and […]

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I usually feel ripped off smoking a small cigar, but sometimes they last longer than expected. Especially with a ring gauge of 60! I used a punch and the cold draw is ultra light; even when lit the draw is still light but produces an amazing amount of smoke! This Nicaraguan wrapper is very dark […]



Let’s see if this Honcho is in charge. This dark, oily and veiny wrapper topped with an amazing band is a sight to behold. The smell from fresh is a little barnyard with a lot of minerals thrown in. Lighting up greets you with thick, chewy smoke with a white pepper finish. I remember the […]

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Dunkin donuts

I’ll say it again, Connecticut shade wrappers are quickly becoming my favourite. This smooth connecticut shade wrapper has a very faint but sweet scent from fresh. The first third is as subtle as it smells with a sweetness lingering on the finish. The smoke however is a little wispy and powdery. The second third bought […]

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Kings county

This is a beast of a cigar with an impressive shimmering halo band! This cigar is a status symbol, if you’re a bit of a show off this cigar is for you. The pack is solid but the draw resistance is spot on once lit. First flavours are of hay and liquorice. This is a […]

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Killer bee

Sweet hay and unripened plums. What an intro! Salt and minerals are quick to show with a faint hint of white pepper. The finish is long and consists of a mix of metal and minerals. This cigar smokes like a dream: great draw, resistance, and an even better smoke output. Stacking dimes like a pro! […]

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Fruit leather

This cigar smells exactly like fruit Roll-Ups! I’m a sucker for a cool band, and if it tastes like it smells then that’s a win. First impressions are that the draw is a little light; thankfully this doesn’t affect the amount of sweet smelling smoke this cigar generates. The band pretty much sums it all […]

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