Neonlis Nuevo Mundo La Nina

I recently visited Vietnam and while there I experienced every facet of their culture. I couldn’t think of a better souvenir than a Vietnamese cigar to reminisce with once home.

I have to say I fluked buying this cigar; the language barrier was larger than I expected! I did get the impression though that this cigar was highly recommended. Either way I walked out with a 100% hand rolled and locally made cigar which is just perfect.

What I noticed most about this cigar was the smell from fresh. The scent was a little unusual; strong and similar to incense, nonetheless quite intimidating. Next was the construction which was exceptionally well rolled; perfect to the point you had to question if it was hand rolled.

I was expecting a strong herbal taste once lit but instead I found aged tobacco and cedar. Flavours are smooth but strong, and strength easily surpassed medium right from the start.

Neonlis have an interesting theme to their cigars: “Nuevo Mundo – New World is a cigar reminder of a historic event of when Christopher Columbus discovered America. Also thanks to this trip, Europeans discovered the ingenious fun of smoking rolled tobacco.”

From the second third strength ramps right to full; luckily this doesn’t affect the flavours of aged tobacco and cedar. This cigar reminds me of a traditional Cuban: smooth and defined flavours that don’t vary much from beginning to end.

You can find cigars made in many countries these days, and like I said before I couldn’t think of a better souvenir. What a great way to reminisce.

β‚«475 000/$30 AUD

60 Minutes

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