pistoff kristoff gunplay

This cigar looks like it’s straight from the Wild West!

I don’t know why but when I think of a Lancero I think of a Connecticut shade wrapper. This Mexican San Andres wrapper is pretty much the polar opposite and is dark as night!

First few draws find a sweetness that cannot be mistaken but fades quickly. Smoke is powdery, thick and plentiful. Flavours for the first third are kind of muted but smooth all the same.

I could be mistaken but this might be the first time I have tried tobacco from Indonesia – well, the binder is Indonesian at least.

The second third finds flavours of sourdough, barnyard and salt on the finish. Absence of leather and pepper is quite rare but welcomed.

The construction of this cigar is spot on and it’s just amazing how long the ash holds. Flavours of barnyard and salt continue as a constant right to the end.

Overall this was an enjoyable smoke. Great construction and flavours that are familiar but not the norm. Worth a try for sure.

80 minutes

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