LVH Celebracion Nacional Corojo 7 x 52

Ok so this is a cigar made from the Scraps of Drew Estates premium range, lets see what it has to offer.


First impressions were that it was a little dry and crunchy when pressed. Most likely a fault from storage but the tip came apart a little as you can see in the photo. Opened with a punch as usual.

A sweet barnyard scent was welcoming, taste was the same for the cold draw which was a little on the light side.

Once lit there was an intense hit of spice with a hint of earth. After a while the spice calms and earth takes centre stage ending with a slight sweetness.

Just past the half way mark the sweetness faded into bitter spice which was overwhelming. Not so enjoyable, yes I get this is meant to be a budget cigar not that there is such a thing here in Australia.

Not a fan 😦

90 Minutes

$29 AUD


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