Davidoff Grand Cru No.3

This is the first Davidoff cigar I’ve smoked, and it’s true they’re just so classy.

I can just tell this cigar is going to be mild and refined. The wrapper is smooth with a fresh scent of barnyard. I love the two white and gold bands; they really set it off as something special.

Once lit you can’t help but notice the smoke is pure silk, with barnyard now transferring into taste. This cigar smokes cool with a perfectly even burn.

The second third is where this cigar really comes into form. You will find cedar and a faint nuttiness followed by roasted sesame seeds. These flavours don’t falter from now right until the end. No one flavour becomes dominant; just perfectly balanced, as all things should be.

I found the Davidoff Grand Cru hard to fault; well I did burn my fingers at the nub, but most see this as a positive.

70 Minutes

$36 AUD

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