AGANORSA Leaf Supreme

Leaf Supreme, I’ll  be the judge of that.

Privada’s right on the money with the pre-light scent of died fruit and earth. It kind of reminds me of a fruit mince tart which I just love at Christmas time.

This cigar has a closed foot, well nearly. I really like how this influences flavour changes early on. The band is pretty neat; from a glance it says strong leaf of pure gold. Nice touch.

Lighting up greets you with some pepper spice, star anise and cedar. Luckily I heeded Privada’s warning; this is a damn strong cigar and I’m only ten minutes in…

Flavours bounce between sweet vanilla, old leather and cedar. You will also find a nuttiness, and this constant yo-yo between these flavours is what keeps me interested. Smoke output is great but it wants to be smoked, if you leave it a moment too long it’s out.

The last third is just as interesting as the second. We have a rise and fall of white pepper, with floral tones coming to the forefront with a faint metallic taste for the finish.

This is a damn strong cigar with an ever evolving flavour profile which is guaranteed to please!

75 Minutes

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