Curivari Gloria De Leon Tremendos

Two days ago I got married to the love of my life! And in two days time we leave on our honeymoon! The only reason I picked this cigar tonight is because it was the smallest in my humidor, meaning it would be the least amount of time I would be away from my wife!

When I look at this cigar I can’t help but see the brand Partagas. So many of these bands are similar it’s hard to see the difference at a glance.

This cigar has a faint smell of barnyard from fresh. The pack is best described as springy, like you would expect from fresh green leaves which is different.

The first thing I noticed once lit is that the smoke tasted a little dry. Bitter cedar is the first flavour found which didn’t take long to transform into bitter dark chocolate.

From the second third barnyard, dark chocolate and espresso flavours dominated right to the end.

Overall this cigar wasn’t too bad, and even if it was, life’s just too good for me to notice!

45 Minutes

$30 AUD

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