Such a powerful looking cigar and the perfect pairing for some homemade pizza!

The wrapper of this cigar appears to be two toned; both being very dark. The pack is quite solid and naturally only softens right near the foot. I have to say I’m a fan of this band; it’s reminiscent of a movie poster or prestige car crest. Regardless it exudes power.

Once lit the smoke coats your palate entirely. This is defiantly a full bodied cigar and it doesn’t waste any time making this apparent. Flavours of dark tobacco, wood and black pepper are plentiful. The pepper taste is sharp, but fades quickly into the background.

From the second third dried fruit and fresh vegetal taste starts to show. The pepper heat is pretty much gone from here, with now wooded flavours becoming the most prominent.

The last third twists again and tastes unmistakably of bread and salt. There is a little sweetness also which is shown for the finish alone. This cigar is strong but not overbearing. The flavours are welcomed and balanced, making it one enjoyable and recommended stick.

90 Minutes

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