Rocky Patel The Edge B52

Rocky’s ‘Edge’ range is quite impressive!


I love how well made these cigars are; the wrapper is nice and smooth but also shows some deep veins. I like a cigar that looks like a leaf. Overall there are no soft spots till your right at the foot which smells of sweet brown sugar.

Once cut, the cold draw has medium resistance and tastes of aged hay.

Lighting up you will find plentiful smoke which flavours bounce between the savory taste of roasted pumpkin seeds, to a slightly sweet almond tart. White pepper greets you for the finish.

I knew I was smoking this cigar too fast; I hadn’t put it down in 20 minutes and the taste was not unpleasant from overheating.

The flavours stayed consistent from start to end apart from a slight increase in pepper spice. This full flavour medium strength cigar is a one you must try, and if you have already then do it again. Hard to fault Rocky’s skills on this one.

40 Minutes. (Restraint will get you 60).

$38 AUD

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