La Aurora 1903 Ecuador Robusto 127 x 50

Nicely presented smooth dark Ecuador wrapper which contrasts nicely with the additional band at the foot.


After the first few minutes I knew there were going to be problems with this cigar. At first the draw was a little tight and smoke output was minimal. The cigar continued to tighten which then led to overheating, black pepper and wood were the only notable flavours at this point but I was too distracted by the burn to really take notice.

After thirty minutes the cigar started tunnelling, I have to say this is the first time I have experienced this type of burn and I had to retouch constantly.  I decided to unplug which helped with resistance and the smoke smoothed out into a creamy concoction of green coffee and mild leather.

Either construction or storage contributed to the poor performance of this cigar but there were glimpses of greatness but not enough to overcome the horrible draw and burn.

90 frustrating minutes.

$40 AUD



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