Purple Sky Diablo Del Desierto

Naming a cigar the desert devil, ok then, you have my attention. The fresh scent and cold draw are both of barnyard and hay. What’s most noticeable though is how extremely light the draw is! The first third smokes pretty quick, and is difficult to note any particular flavours. The draw continues to be very […]

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HVC Hotcake

And here we have another cigar with a ton of hype behind it. Personally I’d rather the underdog that surprises you out of nowhere, instead of having to live up to expectations. I found it very interesting that this cigar has been designed to have a tight draw. Reinier Lorenzo from HVC describes it as […]

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Capo Habano

After a five month break from smoking cigars I am straight back at it with the Capo Habano! Paired with a long island iced tea because, well, why not?! When I look at this cigar it reminds me of an old jazz club (not that I’ve been to one!). The hat and jacket surrounded by […]

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Espinosa Cigars Hialeah Gardens

I don’t know which looks more delicious?! Also again, another barely boxed pressed cigar with just a slight edge to it. I decided to use a V-cutter to cut a crown on this cigar which I am becoming quite fond of. First impressions found the old favourites: pepper, leather and sweet cedar. I didn’t have […]

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Such a powerful looking cigar and the perfect pairing for some homemade pizza! The wrapper of this cigar appears to be two toned; both being very dark. The pack is quite solid and naturally only softens right near the foot. I have to say I’m a fan of this band; it’s reminiscent of a movie […]

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EPC Encore 2017

Just the look of this slightly box pressed cigar gets me excited! First impressions are impressive. A great looking cigar with a scent of aged tobacco and a little barnyard. Cutting the cap exposes a dark streak running down the middle all the way to the foot. Lighting up finds the familiar scent of dry […]

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Lost & Found Red Laugh

This cigar gets a lot of mixed reviews. Well nothing better than finding out for yourself. The dark brown wrapper and strong scent of rich tobacco gives me a good idea of what’s in store. First of all I found flavours of black tea and cedar, immediately followed by rich tobacco. These flavours aren’t unexpected […]

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Vegas Robaina Famoso

This rustic light brown wrapper compliments the bold stated band perfectly. This cigar has a slight box press appearance. Upon lighting I found the draw was a little tight with flavours of sweet hay and white pepper showing first. The draw continues to be tight but doesn’t inhibit smoke output. Cedar and leather flavours start […]

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