Camacho Connecticut Robusto

This is the second Camacho cigar I have smoked and again I’m impressed by its presentation. The last Camacho I smoked was the Nicaraguan Barrel Aged Robusto, which was a great cigar. The Connecticut can be described as its quieter, calmer and more agreeable brother. Lighting up instantly greets you with thick, rich smoke; the […]

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Dona Flor Rothchilde Mata Fina

I love the rustic look of this cigar; a little rough around the edges but nothing to fault. The scent from fresh is faint, but hints at barnyard and cedar. This little cigar (4″ x 52) is an absolute smoke bomb; remarkable smoke output for so little effort. The stick’s flavours barely vary throughout the […]

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El Titan De Bronze Red Velvet

This cigar with the double cheesecake band better taste like cheesecake! Okay, this tastes like a relic right from the start – old and musty! The mustiness only lasts a few minutes; transitioning to flavours of dark tobacco and wood. Floral tones also come through from the start which complement well. The dark tobacco is […]

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Camacho Powerband Robusto

Fine looking cigar! TBH anything looks fine on my new tray. This powerful looking cigar is complemented nicely by the dark caramel wrapper. The bands set the tone perfectly to give this cigar a muscle car type of appeal. I was a little nervous at first thinking this would be one hell of a pepper […]

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Southern Draw Habano No. 3

This is a damn good looking cigar, plus the custom Privada band tops it off just nicely! Fresh scent is of barnyard, in particular hay. The wrapper is incredibly smooth; the presentation is on point! Lighting up ignites an intense pepper bomb! It’s really next level intense and smacks you in the face! After about […]

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La Estancia Corona

New vs. old. Now I find this to be a pretty cool idea. “La Estancia utilises a Nicaraguan wrapper and binder with a 50-50 mix of aged Cuban and Nicaraguan filler. The taste profile is what dictates the Cuban vintage with some leaves as young as five or six years old while others date back […]

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Montenegro Red Label Corona

Montenegro and Privada have really outdone themselves with this custom band! The fresh draw tastes of musty earth and is very tight! Privada stated that this would be the case, and the reason is to control the flavours of the Nicaraguan tobacco. Interesting concept; is it only myself who hasn’t heard of this? I like […]

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Neonlis Nuevo Mundo La Nina

I recently visited Vietnam and while there I experienced every facet of their culture. I couldn’t think of a better souvenir than a Vietnamese cigar to reminisce with once home. I have to say I fluked buying this cigar; the language barrier was larger than I expected! I did get the impression though that this […]

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AGANORSA Leaf Supreme

Leaf Supreme, I’ll  be the judge of that. Privada’s right on the money with the pre-light scent of died fruit and earth. It kind of reminds me of a fruit mince tart which I just love at Christmas time. This cigar has a closed foot, well nearly. I really like how this influences flavour changes […]

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