The Tabernacle Broadleaf Toro

Instantly you’ll notice the quality of this cigar, firm to the touch with a flawless Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper. The cap was placed meticulously and such a regal band, I’m impressed. A faint smell of coco and hay was what was first noticed, the cold draw was very light with hints of barnyard. Once lit full […]

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Macanudo 1968 Corona 42 x 147

First thing you’ll notice is just how bumpy this cigar is,  the veins are quite aggressive nearly to the point of bursting. There is a very interesting smell from fresh, Sulfur like you just lit a match. This scent entices me as much as it scares me. Consensus states this brand is synonymous with mildness, […]

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Catrina De Mi Vida Maduro

As soon as I picked up this cigar it was apparent that it was infused.  If you had to guess the item from scent alone 9/10 would  say a bouquet of flowers. The roll of this cigar was just as beautiful as the smell with a very smooth chocolate maduro wrapper, exquisite band and triple […]

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1 Year old Today!

Today marks the first anniversary of Amateur Reviews .online and my first year of critiquing cigars. Enjoying cigars and sharing my experiences has been a very enjoyable hobby which I hope continues for many years to come. Winner of my Favourite cigar this past year is: JOYA DE NICARAGUA ANTANO DARK COROJO  Simply perfection! Don’t […]

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Macanudo Diplomat Maduro 60 x 115

What drew me to try this cigar is the unique shape, the Figurado. The appearance is also surprisingly similar to my bonsai fig tree 🙂 Once I discovered this cigar I found they were very difficult to come across in Australia. My local cigar store rarely stocks these so much so that I stopped looking for […]

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Quai D’orsay Petit Robusto 50 x 110

Just like this history of this cigar the Smell from fresh is unique to say the least. Quai d’Orsay was created in the early 1970’s as a Cuban cigar brand made especially for France. Quai d’Orsay in Paris being the physical location of France’s diplomatic service headquarters. This cigar was essentially a regional brand, sold mostly in […]

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Nub Maduro 4 x 60

This is the last of my NUB mini haul and I have kept the darkest wrapper till last. Big fan of maduro wrappers and this is such a good-looking cigar.   Sweet chocolate scent from fresh, once lit I found the draw was a little light but produced nice plumes of smoke. There were some very […]

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Nub Cameroon 4 x 60

First impressions were that I have never had a cigar with such a light draw, it was seriously like an empty straw. I found because of this it was hard to light, smoke output was not bad though. Now this cigar didn’t mess around it was straight to the action with full flavour of pepper […]

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