Crux Epicure Lonsdale

I’m a fan of this vitola – not bad, good size. I’ve heard of Crux cigars before but this is my first. I love trying a new brand – gotta smoke them all! Once lit I found that the draw was a little tight; nothing to worry about but I would like a bit more […]

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Dictador Pavo Real Half Corona

Alcohol companies making cigars to pair? Seems like a good idea to me. I’m pretty sure this company would be pissed I’m pairing this with a pale ale, but to each their own. I used a v-cut to open this cigar which smokes pretty good. The smoke does taste a little hot and dry but […]

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Acid Blondie

I can just see the cigar purists cringing right now. As you can see by this post I’m no purist. I really don’t mind smoking an infused cigar now and then – it’s fun to mix it up. Similar to many infused cigars you will find the cap is sugar sweet. The scent from fresh […]

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Montecristo Open Junior

Back to back Cubans, let’s go! This is a solid little cigar – I’m assuming the pack is going to be tight. What is tight though is the double band; not bad at all. The first third has white pepper heat; there is not much else going on apart from the draw which is a […]

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El Rey Del Mundo Choix Supreme

Let’s travel again back to Cuba, where it all began. Okay so I’ve never been to Cuba, but like many, my cigar journey did start there. Nearly every Cuban cigar I have smoked has a similar look, I don’t know how else to describe it than a rustic/real look. Obviously in a class of their […]

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Sinistro Plata y Plomo

I broke my curse with the last Lancero I smoked; now hopefully it stays broken. Scent from fresh is mainly of hay, with the cold draw tasting of cedar. Once lit I found the smoke to be sweet and smooth, with flavours of hay, wood and spice. This cigar smokes very cool but produces a […]

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Vault Cigars Series 1

Time to open the Vault and see what’s inside. We start with flavours of barnyard and wood; there is a little spice showing in the background. This cigar draws easily providing a great amount of smoke; this smoke starts to taste of bitter coffee and charred wood. As the second third starts the wood flavour […]

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Peanut Butter Cup

This is a beast of a cigar with a decent ring size. Note to self, need to get a ring gauge. The pack of this cigar is tight, it has very little resistance. What is surprising though is the cold draw is incredibly light with no discernible flavour. The first 15 minutes was a little […]

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Coming in slightly larger than the ‘Trick’, the ‘Treat’, well, looks a treat! This cigar lights up easily and tastes of hay and faint cedar. Each draw has mild white pepper lingering for a long finish. First ash falls at the 20 minute mark and it’s that fine it’s reminiscent of talcum powder. There is […]