Curivari Buenaventura BV500

I wasn’t sure when I first tried this range, but I have come to appreciate that this simple but successful recipe just works, with the end results being a positive experience. Nice but simple presentation, clean but not overly prestige in appearance First third had a nice taste of cedar, this developed into a distinct […]

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Curivari Buenaventura Pralines

Good looking cigar with a nice firm pack.   First few draws started as medium strength with a nice woody flavour. Draw yet again is flawless with this brand, great amount of smoke for a modest draw. Taste started sweet with a distinct ceder aftertaste. Second third has a toast like flavour with hints of coffee […]

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Curivari Buenaventura Dimensiones

This cigar has the basics down pat!   Roll was uniform, evenly packed and mild scent from fresh. Yet again this brand did not bring me a very exciting cigar. But it still did a lot right. The draw was perfect, good resistance and amount of smoke. Even burn throughout and ash held well. Medium […]

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Buenaventura cremas

  This cigar felt a little dry, even the smoke initially tasted dry. Just received this cigar in the post so maybe it was not stored correctly.   Once lit there was a very strong taste, I have to say it was not overly pleasant. Roll was uniform but quite veiny, not overly impressed with […]

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