Jose L. Piedra Conservas

If this cigar was described as a dress code then it would be smart casual, appealing but not overdone.


I used the punch on this small gauge cigar and all went well, lighting was a little too easy so  I was concerned it was maybe too dry. Once lit there was a strong taste of cedar that was slightly overbearing.

Into the second third the taste of cedar subsided and developed into a distinct nutty taste which was welcomed.  If you took your time and didn’t overheat then this was a nice smooth cigar.

As I continued smoking I found that the ash was very light and flaky and didn’t want to hold. Overall this cigar was enjoyable but not overly exciting. I stopped smoking at 40 minutes but could have got to 60 minutes easy, but I just lost interest.

40/60 minutes

$25 AUD

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